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Review #2

Band: Behind the Bullet
EP: Brothers in Arms
(Produced by Level Up Studios)

    Thinking back to music I grew up with, the first track I thought of when hearing the guitars on Behind the Bullet’s “Brothers in Arms” EP was “Click, Click, Boom” by Saliva. Back then, that was one of the ultimate pump up songs for me. After a few listens however, that haphazard comparison soon went away. I quickly realized that Behind the Bullet clearly has bigger motivations than writing simple pump up metal songs.

    The six song EP covers topics such as heartbreak, betrayal, family, alcohol, and sex. The song that certainly stood out the most to me was the title track, “Brother In Arms”. This short epic starts with a brief sample, just before the listener is met with a nice healthy pick-slide, followed by ferocious guitars and drums, matched with strong lyrics detailing a relationship between soldiers. Most comparable to an “Atreyu - like” sound, “Brothers in Arms” I can only hope opens some fun mosh-pits when played live.

“Whisky”, track five on the EP, rewards fans with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus level vocals by singer, David Alexander. He is accompanied by his guitarist and bassist who carry the song’s bar fight energy to a great sounding rock number that I can definitely see being in mid-2000’s superhero movie and I love it! I mean come on, the soundtrack to Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie?! Anyone? No? Okay…
(For those unsure, this is a compliment, I love that soundtrack).

    One of my favorite things about this EP though is that it never slows down. There is no cheesy metal ballad to be found! Not to say that cheesy metal ballads are bad, but in my opinion they take you out of what the genre is so well known for, massive sounds and high energy music. Level Up Studios certainly helped this New York metal outfit do their EP right!

    Now coming into it’s third year of availability, the 2016 release can be heard on Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp. Check it out and let’s cross our fingers for some more new music by Behind the Bullet very soon!

- Ryan Hanratty
Frosted Green Productions

Review #1

Band: Broken Bay Coalition
Album: Sleep More, Sisyphus
(Produced by Keith Moore at Suffolk Recording Studios)

Welcome to Frosted Green Productions’ first ever online music review.
This album is great check it out. Done. Thanks for playing!

Okay fine, I’ll do my homework.

Broken Bay Coalition is a veteran Long Island rock band with a strong scent of polished punk rock.
That’s right, not pop-punk, not emo, … PUNK ROCK. These four band members have mastered the art (well I at least consider it an art) of making every track on their 2018 release feel like the final track on a kick-ass rock record. The eight track LP, Sleep More, Sisyphus, is a mosh pit of nostalgic sounds and energy bringing me back to memories of albums such as Green Day’s Nimrod, Rancid’s Indestructible, CKY’s Volume 1, and even songs by lesser known bands like England’s now retired resident punks, Sharks.

While some of the tougher to decipher vocal parts definitely remind me of Tim Armstrong, an intuitive Spotify listener can definitely tell they have stumbled upon a band with a taste for Greek Mythology (see the album title) and complex lyrics that hold deeper meaning. Being a vocalist myself, I can also very much appreciate the layers that the occasional backing vocals add to singer, Rich F’s voice.  

After digesting the words though, one should not ignore the high-note guitar licks that make sure you’re paying attention. I’d say some of my favorite instrumentation occurs on the second track, Coffee and Contemplation. This is not to say that the rest of the instruments fade into the abyss. While the guitars certainly have a major presence, there are plenty of sections where bass and drums shine out.Overall, this band is for fans of energetic punk rock likened to that of the Dropkick Murphys (minus the bagpipes) and Pennywise. There are plenty of parts of these songs where you think, “Oh wow, I feel like I’ve heard this before, but not like this”. These four gents make sure they pay their influences the homage they deserve.

    If you’re interested, you can find Broken Bay Coalition’s music on Spotify and Bandcamp. You should also follow them on Facebook, Instagram (@brokenbaycoalition), and Twitter (@brokenbayband). It is worth noting as well that they encouraged voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections. They’re patriots, folks!

- Ryan Hanratty
Frosted Green Productions